Thursday, April 11, 2013


Stumbled across an event that is so crazy it had to be real. Read on how good ol' Gen. Sherman took on a Bengal tiger in the fields of 1944 France!

While probing forward near Cagny on the initial day of the Operation Goodwood offensive, Lt John Gorman, a troop commander of 2nd Armored Battalion, Irish Guards, suddenly found himself confronted by a Tiger II and three Tiger Is of the elite 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion. Supported by only one other Sherman and aware that their 75mm guns would be ineffective against such monsters, he gave the order to his driver to ram the Tiger II. Gorman's tank, "Ballyragget", succeeded in colliding with its target before the Tiger's 88mm gun could be brought to bear on his Sherman and with both tanks immobilized the crews quickly abandoned their tanks. However, Lt. Gorman was not finished and making his way off the field, he returned shortly afterwards with a Sherman Firefly to finish off the stricken Tiger II and one of the Tiger Is. For this action he was awarded the Military Cross and his driver L/Cpl Baron was awarded the Military Medal.

Now that's some hard charging Irish boys! Now get out there and start your own smash-up derby on the tabletop!

Gorman's actual wreck!


  1. That's brilliant, thanks for posting that Brian

    1. It amazes me how stuff like that could happen on a modern battlefield. But war is hell and life is often more surreal then fiction could ever be.

  2. That is a pretty amazing an of bravery, too bad he came back to destroy an unmanned rare tank, would have been great to see it in a museum.