Sunday, March 10, 2013

"International Lady"

"London, at the beginning of the Second World War.  Following a chance meeting two special agents, Tim Hanley, an American, and Reggie Oliver, an Englishman, join efforts to trap Carla Nilsson, a gorgeous blond night club singer, suspected of belonging to a gang of airplane saboteurs.  After some bickering, the two men decide to follow her to the USA.  In Sandpoint, Tim meets Grenner, an important confectionery and chocolate-maker and good friend of Carla's, around whom a group of suspicious-looking types keeps hovering. Meanwhile, Reggie also acts but either in hiding or in disguise.  Are Grenner and his friends the saboteurs?  Will Hanley and Oliver manage to dismantle the organization? What will become of Carla?..."  Not a bad flick for time so give it a go here

About what you expect for the time,

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