Tuesday, March 19, 2013

German MK 108 "Pneumatic Hammer" Panzer Cupola Upgrade

Stumbled onto this the other day trolling all the great model converter forums and this will be a wet dream for all the paper panzer converters, the MK 108 AA vehicle cupola! This was a proposed design to bulk up the AA defense for armored vehicles with a weapon that was already in production and easy to manufacture.  The two cupola designs allowed one to only be used in an AA function but the other design allowed for it to be leveled against ground targets.  Although, it didn't get any further then the drawing board, you can go ape with it on your weird war wargaming!  Just imagine a platoon of Panther Fs all with this upgrade?!  Now those low flying fighter-bombers, helicopters and even jet pack troops got a whole new thing to worry about, the Panzer's "Pneumatic Hammer".  Now go out and piss off all your weird war opponents with this awesome upgrade!  I'll write up some official, unofficial Battleground Weird WWII rules for this bad boy later in the week.  Can't wait to use them!

"Pneumatic Hammer"?!  That just sounds like it would hurt!

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