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Battleground Weird WWII: Werewolves

Notes:  You can use these rules loosely on just about any system by just modifying it to the rules you use.  Watch your ass cuz them pups are hungry
Origin:  Werewolves are humans that have been altered by supernatural means to transform and take the appearance and characteristics of a wolf on nights of the full moon.  These are the same creatures of legend and myth that have been recorded as early as 440 B.C. but were never proven to actually exist; until now.  Recently, there have been numerous reports of these creatures attacking during nights of a full moon all across Europe and North America.  Several photographs of these creatures have appeared recently and one was even captured for a brief period by German forces before it broke loose and disappeared.  Due to the lack of actual scientific study, it is theorized that the information of werewolves from myth applies to these creatures.  Popular myths state that a survivor of a werewolf's bite will transform them into a werewolf by the next full moon.  Both male and female werewolves have been observed but no werewolf pups have ever been seen.  It is theorized because of the later that werewolves cannot procreate via sex but rather only by injuring a human via a bite.  All werewolves very in size, color, sex and degree of human-like and wolf-like characteristics once transformed.  Werewolves in human form look and act like any other human with the exception of heightened senses and improved immune systems.  No one quite knows how these creatures came to be but it is known that they do exist and present a clear and present danger to anyone who may cross one’s path.
Actions:  All werewolves have 4 actions per turn which are performed during the Supernatural Phase.
Senses:  Werewolves have superior sight, hearing and smell that benefit them greatly on the battlefields of Battleground Weird WWII.  Werewolves make Sighting Checks as if during the day even during if at nighttime with a -2 column shift due to their enhanced senses.  These creatures also have the ability to see through fog, mist, heavy rain and snow without penalties but smoke obscures their sight as normal.  A werewolf's hearing is such that allows them to hear up to double the normal distance.  A werewolf’s sense of smell is such that it is able to hunt by the smell of blood alone making any model that has been wounded in any way trackable with a successful Skill Check each action used to purse them.  If playing blind, the opposing player must make a trail via a red string or other such marker to where a wounded model has moved if not spotted already.  This makes for very interesting games and makes it hard to lose a werewolf once it has the scent of fresh blood.  All werewolves will smell any supernatural or natural living or dead creature within 15".  This sense of smell can also be a hindrance if they are around very pungent odors that can obscure their prey's scent.  Examples of such odors are fuels, chemicals and other very power smelling elements.  If a werewolf is within 12" of such smells, then it cannot use its sense of smell special rules.  Werewolves also have a strange human/wolf sense that allows them to remember certain experiences and feelings as both human and wolf.  This can be the comprehension of a booby-trap that they have discovered or even the recognition of a loved one or enemy.  This isn't complete understanding or even memories but a kind of instinct that they have learned while as a human.  Werewolves can comprehend that a rifle is a weapon but would never know how to use it so werewolves cannot use or operate any weapons or equipment.  These hybrid instincts make werewolves extremely clever and cunning when hunting human game.  Due to this instinct, a werewolf may perform rudimentary actions such as anything that a trick dog or wolf could perform.  Examples of this would be opening a door by using a doorknob or turning off a light by hitting the light switch.  Actions like these are done by rolling a Skill Check with a +8 modifier.  The modifier represents the wolf-like characteristics hindering the human-like one making more complex actions harder to perform.  If an action is thought to be too difficult for a werewolf to perform, a BM will decide or a simple roll is made to see if it is allowed.  Once a human transforms into a werewolf they lose any learned loyalties, knowledge or skills that they may have had as a human.  However, this doesn't mean that they can't recognize someone they love or who caused them harm.  In encounters with someone who may be recognized, it is best to have a BM run the battle and they can guide any back story or role-playing aspect that may be needed.  Werewolves have been known to ignore loved ones for other prey and even attack a leader amongst a group.  This is done to frighten the others around them making them easier prey.  Werewolves can only sense a person is of no danger and thus can be ignored if so wanted.
Strength:  Werewolves have incredible strength and can lift/press a maximum of 1300 lbs at a ¼ Skill Check, throw anything up to triple the normal range and has an AP of 2 with a +12 result on the Damage Table with their claws.
Toughness:  Werewolves are extremely resilient and are able to withstand more damage than a man could thus causing a +2 modifier to all damage taken.  Werewolves are subject to all normal human vulnerabilities, although their immunity to disease and damage is extraordinary high so any chemical agents inhaled or swallowed will be at a +5 on the Effects Chart.  If a werewolf sustains a Light Wound then it will only have 3 actions per turn with a +3 modifier to any rolls made.  A Heavy Wound will decrease a werewolf's actions to 2 with a +5 modifier.  If a werewolf suffers a GD result they will die on a D20 result of 5or less.  This represent the sheer damage the attack has caused could have literally ripped the creature apart.  If the roll failed to kill the werewolf then the werewolf is considered to be HW for the remainder of the game with only 2 actions a turn and with the normal +5 to any dice rolls.

Movement:  Werewolves can move up to 8", crawl 5" and leap up 6" for free per action.  Werewolves do not suffer any penalties when moving from prone to standing.  Werewolves can also swim at double the normal rate and hold their breath for D10+10 actions.
Morale:  Due to their near fearlessness, werewolves are considered to have Morale of 18.  Werewolves will only flee if they are severely injured or sense extreme danger so they are immune to all Morale Checks,Suppression results and will always be considered a Fanatic.
Close Combat: A werewolf's speed, strength and razor-sharp claws make it a deadly fighter and it is when they get in close with their prey that their ferocity is shown.  Werewolves fighting in close combat roll 4 dice then choosing the best to add to their final Combat Score with an additional -4 to the result.  Werewolves often succumb to their blood lust and immediately feast on their prey even though there may still be enemies near.  If a 1 is rolled, the werewolf succumbs to its hunger and feeds off its victim immediately for D4 turns, unless there are other enemies in base-to-base contact with the creature in which it will finish fighting them off before returning to its meal.  Only one 1 result per game will cause this effect.  A werewolf that rolls a 20 result and still wins the battle will immediately move 2 actions away after it takes a non-lethal bite in their opponent.  The victim is considered Heavy Wounded but will recover from their wounds within D20 turns.  Werewolves do this to propagate its species so that werewolf or others from its pack will now ignore that victim for the remainder of the battle but lone werewolves or others from another pack will not.  Killing a werewolf is extremely difficult but not impossible so, if an opponent wins against a werewolf in close combat two results can happen.  If they posses a weapon that is lethal to werewolves then the creature has succumbed to its wounds and dies, reverting back to its human form.  If the opponent wins but doesn't possess a weapon that can kill a werewolf then the creature has sustained such a wound that it will immediately flee in pain D4 actions away in a random direction.  Once it has made its move it will lose its next turn as it nurses its wounds but then can act as normal.  The only way to kill a werewolf in close combat is with a fire-based weapon or one made from silver.  These are the only two ways to kill a werewolf in close combat and are extremely rare and hard to manage when so close.

                                                          Werewolf Close Combat Modifiers
                                                          Using A Flame-Based Weapon  +4

Survivors of a Werewolf Attack:  Anyone who is bitten by a werewolf as indicated above and survives the battle is altered substantially.  These people are automatically elevated to an Elite Morale stat with a -3 modifier.  The survivor will never take Morale or Gut Checks or be suppressed and gains a +1” to their movement.  These victims will ignore their first two Light Wound results or a single Heavy Wound result.  The bitten will recover from any Light Wound or Heavy Wound result after D20 turns.  Any KIA result will become a HW instead but all Gory Death results will stand.  The victim will also gain a -1 column shift for all Sighting Checks night or day and can hear up to 6" further then their normal range.  Another characteristic of one who is bitten is that animals become uneasy when in their presence.  This causes any animal within 6” of one who has been bitten to become either frightened or aggressive.  On a D6 roll of 3 or less the animal become hostile and will attack them as normal with a –2 to their final Combat Score.  On a roll of 4+, the animal will flee two full actions of movement in a random direction from the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Dogs, wolves and other canines are more aware of a werewolf in human form then other animals and can choose to attack, flee or even protect them if so wished.  If the animal befriends the werewolf victim, the animal will be recognized as such if the victim transforms into their werewolf form an will not be considered a threat.
The Transformation:  When a survivor of a werewolf attack encounters a full moon, they will immediately transform into a werewolf for the remainder of the night.  If a werewolf victim is present on the game table when a full moon arises then they will fall prone and expend 2 actions to transform during the first turn the moon rises.  The transformer can do nothing else at this time but scream and wither in pain.  During their transformation, they will scream and howl causing anyone within 2" of them to make a Morale Check with a +5 modifier as they witness the sheer horror of the transformation.  Once the transformation is complete they will be bound by all werewolf rules from then on.
Killing a Werewolf:  Werewolves have been present in human mythology since before recorded time in almost every culture in the world.  They have gone under numerous names and their psychical traits have varied as well, but the one thing that is constant and proven to be fact is that it is hard as hell to kill a werewolf.  Because these creatures are supernatural in nature, it has been found that these creatures will die from just a few rare implements.  The only way to kill a werewolf is to wound it with a weapon made or coated in pure silver, to burn or incinerate it with flame or to cause such trauma to the beast that it is literally ripped apart.  No other means of killing a werewolf has ever been recorded although myths would suggest that there are other means but none have been successful other then the above three.  If a werewolf is attacked with something made or coated with pure silver they will sustain damage as normal but with a -10 modifier to the result.  This represents the degree of lethality silver has against a werewolf.  When using flame-based weapons, werewolves will only be effected if they are touched by the A ring of a template.  Due to the supernatural nature of a werewolf, all A ring hits will be reduced to the B ring.  Any damaged sustained by these types of weapons will stand for the remainder of the battle.  If a werewolf sustains a Light Wound then it will only have 3 actions per turn with a +3 modifier to any rolls made.  A Heavy Wound will decrease a werewolf's actions to 2 with a +5 modifier.  If a werewolf sustains a KIA or Gory Death from a silver-based or flame-based weapon then they are killed outright.  If a werewolf suffers a GD result from any other kind of weapon, they will die on a D20 result of 5 or less.  This represent the sheer damage the attack has caused could have literally ripped the creature apart.  If the roll failed to kill the werewolf then the werewolf is considered to be Heavy Wounded for the remainder of the game with only 2 actions a turn and with the normal +5 to any dice rolls.
Wolf Pack:  It is rare but not unknown for werewolves to hunt in small packs known as a Wolf Pack.  Like their wolf cousins, werewolves are pack animals and have a chain of command within the pack.  The dominant male within the pack is known as the Alpha-Male and is the leader of the pack.  When a werewolf pack is encountered on the battlefield, the Alpha-Male will be considered the leader similar to that of a squad leader for game purposes.  The Alpha-Male has Morale of 19 with a Command Range of 30" to other werewolves in their pack.  If an Alpha-Male is killed then the normal squad rules apply.  Multiple werewolf packs will never run with each other so there can only be one werewolf pack during a game.
Wargaming Piece
There are many werewolf minis in the industry so just perform your Google-Fu and see what you can find.

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