Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A worthless GI is captured during the Battle of the Bulge and sent to Dresden as a POW.  It is here where the young GI survives the horrific firestorm that will shape how he thinks for the rest of his days of alien encounters and sadistic madmen trying to hunt him down to avenge wrongs he had no involvement with.  Now that sounds like a linear story line but this artsy flick is all but with the main character moving forward and back in time, talking to aliens and all sorts of other existential shit.  Now, I am a simple man and I totally get Vonnegut's sci-fi tale but I like my kinda stuff a bit more raw and base.  So if you like the artsy kinda, pseudo-sci-fi flicks that are set in WWII for a brief period, then this is your cup of stuff.  Not like we all weren't forced to read it in school but if you don't wanna and just want to get the jest of it, then check out the trailer and see if its enough to get you a C.

The novel buy Kurt Vonnegut from which the movie was based.
Worth a viewing once to get what all the hub bub is about but that's it,

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