Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Black Brigade" aka "Carter's Army"

A US officer is given a secret mission to secure a dam ahead of the main Allied advance into Germany and the only unit he has at his disposal is a third-rate colored unit that is disillusioned and pissed off at their station up until this point in the war.  Can this misfit unit and their racist CO put aside their prejudices to accomplish their mission or will they hold up the American advance?!  This movie is nothing but bad exploitation shit and isn't really worth anything but a chuckle or two.  Written by Aaron Spelling should tell ya something about how riveting and thought provoking this turd is.  It is kinda funny to see Pryor pull a Rambo and hose down some jack-booted thugs.  Couldn't find a trailer but you can waste your time with the whole flick below.

A true classic war turd that most should never watch,

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