Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Unexpected Company"

October has arrived and the crew over at Four Colour Super Minis have released the last seal and called forth all the undead hordes onto the tabletops in unison this month for their, ZOMBTOBER event!  Since Halloween is our favorite month, since we're both splatter punks and  were hitched on the 31st, we threw down with the forever hungry undead in support.  Now buckle in and get ready too take on something worst then a SS stormtrooper or hard-chargin' US All American, undead SS stormtroopers and All Americans!  The feast begins!

Pre-Battle Table.  Our game is set at night with all the night rules in play with a strong SW wind.  I played the Germans and Amy controlled the undead.

Our battle opens on a cold and dark windy night were the aftermath of a US ambush is being assessed by a SS unit's casualty registration officer. The fallen are about to be bagged and tagged for burial by the medic and his orderly.

We also see the Panther's crew and a maintenance crew packing up their tools and getting ready to head back to their units. Luckily, they panzer only sustained minor damage from a US para bazooka round.

Suddenly, the air grows still and the world is shrouded in complete silence.  The Germans look around uneasily and know something is not right.

Suddenly, one of the German sentries sees movement out of the corner of his eye!  He whips around and sees an American para emerging out of the darkness, lit up by the burning half track.  He screams out the alarm as he raises his weapon to take out the threat.

Then suddenly, the sentry is grabbed by one of his fallen comrades and then another!  The man screams as he sees a comrade with no face stand up and grab him.  At that moment the American rips the man's throat out this a massive bite to his neck.  The German falls limp to the floor as the undead begin to feast.  The medic is horrified and starts to run!

The man is able to squeal out in pain one last time as the horde pounces and consumes him utterly.

The panzer and maintenance crew grab their weapons as they hear the alarm.  Just as they get armed they shine their flashlights into the darkness to see shadowy forms headed their way!  The night is lit up with the muzzle flashed of their small arms.

 The Germans look down at their handy craft and see the American ripped apart.  Their gloating is stopped short as the mangled American begins to twitch and reach for them again.

 The medic and his orderly open up on the shadows before them with no effect!

The Germans open up again and the prone American becomes nothing but a twitching pile of gore.  The Panther opens up with its co-aux machine gun on another target heading their way and sends it to the deck.

Meanwhile, the maintenance officer and his driver sees two Americans emerge from the smoke heading straight for them.

The medic head for the truck as the orderly throws a grenade on the pile of ghouls.  The explosion rips them apart but to his horror, they just rise up and head toward him.

The officer orders the Americans to stop but they only answer with a low moan.  The driver opens up sending a bullet right through one of the All American's head.  It staggers and continues toward them with no effect.

Suddenly, the previously dead start to run to their horrified former comrades and enemies.  The medic and orderly scream to the truck crew to open up!  The Germans place their MG42 on the truck and prepare to fire.

The MG42 opens up and rips the advancing dead apart!  The panzer and maintenance crews join in as well. The Panther swings its turret around and adds to the carnage.

To their horror, the MG42 jams and the Germans try to unjam it but two running zeds covered by the truck, slam into the gunner and tear him apart in a feeding frenzy!  The orderly and loader retreat in horror at the unstoppable monsters.

The driver is just able to fire enough to pop one of the charging Americans head apart as the still twitching body falls the the ground.

The Germans continue to poor it on and take down a couple more zeds with their withering fire.

"We gotta get outta here!  Prepare to move out!" screams the Panther 's CO.

The maintenance NCO and one of his crew head for the truck to try and get it going so the troops can mount up and get outta this nightmare.  The rest of the crew lay on the fire to give them cover.  The Panther swings around and discover another undead American heading up to take a snack and opens up with its machine guns.

The German's fire is withering but to no avail, the zeds continue on and jump the two men trying to get the truck started.

The tank's fire is unsuccessful in taking down the zed and when it abruptly stops, the medic falls off the deck only to be attacked and killed by the sneaky zed.

With all the zeds chowing away, the Germans mount up on the Panther and they head outta Dodge! 

 As the Germans watch the horror behind them disappear, they have a feeling that this is the beginning of a very long and horrific nightmare.

Post battle table.  So their ya go, a surprise attack by the living dead where past loyalties and political ideals are forgotten for the taste of warm human flesh.  Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to watch your back!

Brian & Amy

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