Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Honored Allies Wednesday: Ghukas Madoyan (Soviet Union)

"In early February 1943, the brigade, attached to the 28th Army, fought in the North Caucasian Strategic Offensive, whose objective was to recapture the North Caucasus from retreating German troops.  On the night of 8 February, his battalion captured Rostov's railway station, one of the first units to advance into the city. In the morning, then-Senior Lieutenant Madoyan took command of consolidated units from the brigade, and defended the station for six days until reinforcements arrived on 14 February. According to Soviet reports, the troops repulsed 32 German counterattacks, killed up to 300 soldiers, and destroyed a tank and three firing positions.  On 31 March, Madoyan was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin for "exemplary leadership, courage, and heroism."  from his citations, awarded on March 31, 1943 as Sr. Lt. of the 159th Separate Rifle Brigade of the 28th Army.
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