Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Dixie Ray Hollywood Star" aka "It's Called Murder Baby"

 Dixie Ray Hollywood Star DVD Cover

It's Called Murder Baby Video Cover

PI, Nick Popodopolis is hired to track down the husband of the famous movie star Dixie Ray who has gone missing.  Can this private dick solve the case or will he get into more action then he can handle?  This is a great noir flick that has a high production value, cast, plot, script and best of all, full XXX action.  The film originally ran over 2 1/2 hours but it's video release was either a XXX porn flick (minus 40 minutes of dialog) or an edited R-rated version called, It's Called Murder Baby (minus all the great XXX action).  Unfortunately, a full length uncut version of this great flick has yet to be released but hopefully that will change.  I think the story holds up against any of the classic pulp noir stuff and the porn is top notch for the period so either version is well worth the time.  If you do a bit of Google-Fu you can find both versions of it on the net so have at it.  Here is the XXX version so enjoy.

Its great 40s noir with a bit of 80s XXX spice,

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