Thursday, July 12, 2012

"SS Hell Camp" aka "SS Experiment Camp Part 2", "The Beast in Heat" & "La Bestia in Calore"

 La Bestia en Calor movie poster.

SS Experiment Camp 2 video case.

The Beast in Heat video case.

A concentration camp's prisoners are being used as guinea pigs for a secret program that if successful will create a new Nazi super-soldier.  Can the local partisans put a stop to this madness or will the torture of the innocent continue?  This flick is your classic Italian torture porn and is nothing more so if that is your cup of trash then have at it.  Nothing noteworthy other then the fucking crazy man-beast actor.  Now that is a face only Mama could love.  Maybe.  Check it out here and see it you can take it.

More Italian Nazi-exploitation shit,

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