Saturday, June 9, 2012

"A Shaky Truce"

The pre-battle table.  Background of the mission is that the town of Wasser has been overrun by the undead and is an inferno after an artillery barrage.  The fire is forcing the undead to spread out into the countryside and due to the terrain scores are moving towards the small seaside village of Gretta which is currently an evacuation point where the survivors of Wasser and other surrounding villages are being loaded into a couple cargo vessels to sail to a more secure location.  The German force is to hold the horde at bay until the ships are ready to sail and then they will withdraw and escape with the rest of the refugees.  We rolled each turn and on a roll of 1, the ships would be ready to sail and then the Germans would withdrawal.  To make things interesting, we also said that there are sporadic Allied forces in the area that were cut off from their own from fighting and from the hordes movements.  Lets see if politics and national identities can be set aside for a more powerful reason to fight, survival.

We start the battle with the arrival of a Jeep at the barricaded bridge.  The occupants dismount and plead with the unseen sentries to allow them to speak to their CO.  After a few long moments of silence, a lone sentry approaches the group of men.  The two German civilians plead with the German solider to have his CO hear them out.  The sentry is taken aside by what he sees in front of him for a moment but then comes around to the civilians pleas and heads back to phone his CO.

A few minutes later, the CO arrives and the Germans parley.  The civilians explain to the CO that they were rescued from the horde by some Americans and that they wish to barter a cease fire for the benefit of the civilians so that they may be evacuated.  For a few tense moments the Germans speak and then the booming voice of Cap is heard in perfect German.  His words strike hard and fast and the German CO sees his duty to protect his countrymen is more important then anything else and he agrees to the cease fire and phones for some transportation to help transport the civies to the docks.

The American General radios the rest of his unit to head towards the bridge ASAP and that their is a cease fire and that they are not to engage the German forces.  The Americans arrive and quickly escort the civies across the bridge to an awaiting German truck.

As the last of the civilians cross the bridge, the Germans and Americans witness a Jeep coming full speed to their position.  Bucky jumps from the stopped Jeep and lets them know that the horde is right at their heels.  They were late because they helped save another civilian who was wounded when her group was attacked by the undead.  Unfortunately, the Americans were only able to save her before they were overrun.  Bucky says there are hundreds of undead headed this way and should start to appear at any moment.

The two COs begin to discuss teaming up to fight against this common threat and it is agreed that both will work together to hold off the undead for the sake of the civilians.  The German and American COs promise that there will be no hostile action taken against each other and the alliance is formed.

The troops abandon the American vehicles and race across the bridge just as the first of the undead arrive.

The troops are horrified to witness the undead try to move through the razor sharp barricades only to see them get tangled and mangled by it.  The troops withdraw and take up their positions.

The COs arrive at the CP where the German CO radios all his units of the alliance of the two forces.  All the Germans acknowledge the command except for the Panther bunker.

The Sgt. within the turret reminds his CO that they have been ordered by Hitler himself that no German units where to accept any cease fires unless authorized by the OKW first.  The CO repeats his orders more sternly but still nothing from the Sgt.

The German CO radios a LT near the bunker and orders him to take over the uncooperative Sgt's command within the Panther bunker.  The LT climbs outta his trench and heads to the bunker.

A group of GIs positioned near the bunker sees it's turret begin to move as if taking aim.  Then the GIs hear some muffled shouting in German and then what sounds like gunfire from within the turret.  Then a shell being slammed into the breech is heard.  Concerned, The US Sgt looks at the area the cannon is pointed and realizes what is happening.  "CAP!  LOOK OUT"

The Nazi has his target in sight and pulls the trigger.

With a deafening crack the Panther fires a HE shell.  The explosion engulfs the position that help the Sentinel of Liberty himself.

The GIs hit the deck of their trench just as the traversing turret opens up on their position.

The German Lt. bangs on the turret's hatch with his MP40 and screams to the crew to cease fire and to exit the emplacement.

Then a muffled sound is head from within the turret but the Lt. doesn't realize what it is until it is not late.  The turret's Nav. launcher traverses and then a pop his heard.  The HE shell explodes in the air above the turret and peppers the Lt. with shrapnel and he goes down.

The GIs crawl out of their trench to try and sneak up on the turret but the turret swings around and opens fire with its machine gun.  The three GIs hug the deck slam against the hills incline as 7.92mm bullets scream overhead.  In the distance, the German CO has sent out a team armed with a panzerfaust to take out their rouge comrade but before they can get a shot they see the battered figure of Cap racing to the bunker at full sprint.

Cap leaps on top of the turret and with his shield he uses his near supernatural strength t dislodge the turret's hatch open.  The German aims his pistol at the American but before he can get off a shot he is smashed to the deck with a mighty right to the jaw.

Cap pulls out the German just as the COs arrive on the scene.  "You will be shot for this Lurtz!" screams the CO.

But before the CO can utter another word, a runner informs him the the forward sentries have spotted the undead making their way through the forest around the barricade.

The German CO orders the bunker Sgt. arrested and sent back to the CP where he will be tried once they are on the ship.  The CO orders his fallen comrades to be burned so they cannot return and pose a threat to the rest of his command.  The Panther emplacement is re-manned and the rest of the troops get to their positions.

The two Germans reluctantly douse their former friends with gas and light them up.  Saddened, they move to return to their defensive positions.

It is at that moment that one of the dead men slowly rises up and moves to feed.

The unsuspecting soldier is startled as his comrade levels his weapons at him and screams, "DUCK!"  The soldiers hits the deck just as his comrade emptied his MP40 into the zombie.  The 9mm rounds rip the flaming zed's head apart and mangles its leg causing to to fall next to the startled German.  The German leaps up and flees the still twitching burning corpse and tells his pal thanks.  The two men watch as the flames fimish the job and then return to their posts.

A group of zombies emerge from the woods near Cap's position.  The zombies pick up their position and lunge towards the to men in the trench.

Cap orders the German to go to his secondary position just as he lobs two frag grenades at the approaching horrors.  The grenades shred and incapacitates two of the zeds but one emerges from the blasts unscaled and hungry.

The massive zombie lunges at Cap and the two fight it out.  As the dice indicates, Cap rolled a 1 and severed the muscle man zed's head clean off causing the rest of his body to topple backwards and slide down the hill into the woods.

We then see that more and more zombies are appearing and moving through the woods to the sounds of the fighting.

Cap orders all the forward sentries to their secondary positions as the two machine gun bunkers and the Panther turret gives them covering fire from the zeds emerging from the woods.

And with a stroke of luck, the CP is radioed that the ships are ready to launch.  The CO relays the message to his command.  Germans and Americans alike are ordered to withdraw!  Two German trucks arrive and the troops pile in as the undead move closer and closer.

With a final look and headcount, the Germans and Americans head out towards the docks just as the bridge barricades collapse due to the horde.

Post battle table.  Well there ya go, a unique game to say the least.  We really lucked out that we rolled a 1 when we did because I counted 87 zombies on the board just clearing the wood line headed straight for the survivors and even with the weapons they had they would surly overrun them in a couple turns.  The bridge barricade and the rough forest terrain was what really keep the zeds at bay and allowed us a somewhat painless battle.

Hope ya enjoyed it,
Brian & Amy

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