Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Victory" aka "Escape to Victoy" & "Two Half-Times in Hell" aka "The Last Goal"

The Nazis decide to put on a propaganda soccer event between the German national team and Allied POW players.  Will the Allied players play in hopes of escape or will they play to WIN?!  This is really a silly flick but it is actually based in fact where a professional Ukrainian team played several games with occupying German troops.  The Ukrainians won every game and in response the Gestapo ended the games and sent all the Ukrainian players to a concentration camp where most would die by the war's end.  The game was called the Death Match and would become an example of resistance to the Ukrainian people throughout the war.  The flick is not as serious as the true story is and is really a lot of fun to watch so check out the trailer and see what you think.



Now this the original Hungarian movie in which Victory took its idea from and it isn't as uplifting and Hollywood but more accurate to the actual event.  It's a hard flick to watch but shows just how evil the Nazis were and a must watch for any WWII buff.  Couldn't find any video for ya but if you find it, give it a watch, its worth it.

Two entirely different films of the same event in which both are worth a viewing,

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