Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Incredible Mr. Limpet"

Mr. Limpet is a man obsessed with the sea and on one strange day he was given his greatest wish, to become a fish.  But before he can enjoy his new life he is trust back into his old world when he witnesses a Nazi U-Boat off the waters of America.  Will Mr. Limpet help to fight against this common scourge or will he forget about his old world and vanish into the depths of his new one?  I loved this movie as a kid and I still love it to this day!  Its stupid, corny and fantastic!  Knotts is a master at everything he does and the whole premise is a lot of fun.  So if you got kids or like light-hearted cheesy fun then this is your flick.  Check out the trailer and see what you think.

Them Ratzis can't keep a good fish down,

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