Tuesday, June 14, 2022


December '42 issue

February '67  issue

Adventure started up in 1910 and continued its pulp ways up until 1971.  Early in its run it was regarded as the number 1 pulp magazine in the business with writers like  Sir Henry Rider Haggard, Damon Runyon and Henry S. Whitehead just to name a few.  This high brow fiction mag would soon slide into the fantastic realm of men's adventure trash and then into soft core skin mag.  The early mags are a true treasure to read if you like well done fine quality adventure fiction but it goes down hill to my kinda pulp just after WWII with the common men's trash of the day.  So if you like your pulp high brow or gutter trash, Adventure is your mag.

$200 a story?!  Shit, I'm going to start writing right away!
Brian & Mel

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