Sunday, November 20, 2011

"The Final Coutdown"

It's 1980 and the USS Nimitz has just experienced something bizarre while on maneuvers.  When the sky clears its a calm sunny day in 1941 and the supercarrier's sensors are buzzing with a Jap fleet headed full steam towards Pearl Harbor!  Does the Nimitz alter history and kick the shit outta the Japs or does it allow the war to unfold as it did in the past?  What would you do?  This is a pretty cool movie showing authentic real life aboard the USS Nimitz circa 1980 but that's where it ends.  The story is weak and the movie drags on with the classic boring "What if we change history?" cliche.  Don't get me wrong, its a Weird WWII flick that everyone should see once just to get it under your belt.  Once.  So check out the trailer and see if you are up for the Final Countdown!  I'd a blown them Japs away!

Sayonara Yamamoto!

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