Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"

India and his cohorts are thrust into a evil plot to enslave all of India to the will of the vile Thuggie cult.  Can Indy stop this evil before it spreads and enslaves us all?!  Now you guys are going to freak out but I think this is the BEST Jones flick yet!  It has it all and does it all almost perfectly.  I saw this one as a kid too and if freaked me out, BIG TIME!  When he puls that guys heart out, that was AWESOME!  Don't forget that movie history was made with the whole dinner scene.  I can remember pretending to eat monkey brains, bugs and eyeball soup ever dinner for months after that to the displeasure of my entire family.  If you disagree with me give it another try and although it ain't got the best baddies around, the Nazis, them Thuggis cats are pretty low down.  Check out the trailer to get those, still intact, hearts pumping.

No time for love Dr. Jones,
Read the movie adaptation here.

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