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Battleground Weird WWII: The Yautya

Notes: The Predator makes for a great third party addition or a balance for any game.  Tough as hell and equipped with some ass-kicking weapons, these creatures can cause some serious havoc if used smart.  Be sure to pick up the Battleground WWII core rule set so you can seen how truly bad ass these hunters from beyond the starts are.  GET TO THE CHOPPER!
Origin:  The Yautya are a highly advanced alien race that use Earth as a hunting ground for their hunting expeditions.  The Yautya are distinctly larger, taller, faster and more resilient that normal humans.  Their average height is 7’and weighing in at about 400lbs.  The creature’s skin is very thick similar to that of a Rhino’s in thickness and toughness and varies with color.  It is believed that there are both male and female sexes within the Yautya and that they procreate similar to that of humans.   All creatures have long tub-like hair and the distinct quad mandibles that surround their mouth.  Older creatures are know to grow horns from out of their head which are unique to each creature.  These creatures are thought to hold the hunt and the trophies gained from it as a great achievement within their society.  These creatures have honed their skills to such a level that they almost exclusively hunt alone but it is common for there to be others present in an orbiting space craft or planet-side landing site as a base camp for the hunt.  These creatures will rarely intervene in their comrade’s hunt and will only do so in the most dire of situations.  It is also believed that they have a high level of sportsmanship in which they display whilst hunting their prey.  Examples of this are the hunting of only armed individuals over those who are unarmed, lame, pregnant or of a young age.  Other examples of this sportsmanship are the exchange of trophies to other non-Yautya when they have been found to be exemplary fighters but this is extremely rare.  These creatures will take a trophy, which is most often in the form of the prey’s skull but other items such as weapons, clothing or other items are sometimes taken.  There are also reports of prey being skinned but this is believed to be meant to strike fear into other prey or even as a hunting marker to other Yautya.  These creatures are incredibly deadly and if they are encounter on the battlefield they should be neutralized with extreme caution. 
Actions:  All Yautya have 3 actions per turn.
Senses:  The Yautya are all equipped with a Bio-Mask that allows them to see in any environment, day or night with a –2 bonus to all Sighting Checks.  If for some reason the Yautya not equipped with a Bio-Mask then they will only be able to see within the Infrared spectrum in which they will lose the Sighting bonus above.  That said, they do have trouble disseminating terrain features of similar heat and will slow to half movement as they transverse the terrain more carefully.  The Yautya can hear and smell at double the normal range and if their Bio-Mask is present they can hear up to triple the normal range.  Due to their advance technology and natural senses, all Yautya will make any sensory-based test at a –2.
Strength:  The Yautya can lift/press 1000lbs at a ¼ Skill Check and have an AP of 2 with a +10 to the Effects Chart against armored targets when using their claws or feet.  These creatures can throw anything triple the normal range and will also receive an additional –1 when fighting in close combat due to their incredible strength.
Toughness:  Due to their thick skin and near immunity to pain, all Yautya will gain a +2 to all damage taken.  These creatures will also ignore their first Gory Death result but they will be at an additional +5 to all their rolls for the remainder of the battle.  It will take another Gory Death result to effectively kill one of these creatures.  The Yautya  are subject to all normal human vulnerabilities, although their immunity to disease and damage is extraordinary high so any chemical agents inhaled or swallowed will be at a +10 to its effect.
Movement: These creatures are capable of moving up to 8”, leap up to 6” and crawl up to 4” per action.  They are also capable of rising from a prone position without any penalties.  These creatures are expert swimmers and may move at double the normal human rate and are capable of holding their breath for 2D20+20 actions.
Training:  The level of combat training and experience these creatures have attained allows them to roll 4 dice and then choose the lowest when in close combat.  The level of technological advancement of the Yautya is far beyond that of the current age on Earth, which allows them to comprehend any and all human weaponry and explosives with a successful Skill Check.  However, other items such as telephones, radios, vehicles, aircraft and other antiquated equipment compared to their own will cause them more thought to manipulate.  To use such items effectively they must first pass a ½ Skill Check.  However, if the hunter spends an action studying the item’s use by a human, they will be able to operate it at a normal Skill Check +1.  Hunters will never suffer from Crew Served, Captured Use or the Unqualified rules.
Morale:  There are 3 levels of Yautya, the Spawnlings, Hunters and Elders.  Spawnlings are young untried Yautya that have a Morale of 18-3.  The Hunters make up the majority of Yautya and have a Morale of 19–3.  The Elders are the masters of their race and have a Morale of 19–6 to all dice rolls in addition to having an unlimited Leadership Range when leading other Yautya in a hunt.  These creatures will ignore all Gut Checks, Man Alone, Enemy Vehicle, Breaking Points and all Suppression result unless within a blast.  Only Spawnlings will test on their Leadership while Hunters and Elders will not.  If a Spawnling rolls a 1 they will automatically be elevated to a Hunter class and if they roll a 20 they will opt to use their self-destruct mechanism as they think they are in danger of failing the hunt and will end their life to save face with their comrades.
Weapons and Equipment:  Although these are not all the weapons and equipment available to the Yautya, the below items are the basic kit for one during a hunt on Earth.  A Spawnling may choose a single additional weapon or piece of equipment not issued as basic and Hunters and Elders may carry up to 3 additional items.  Weapons and equipment that are not basic issue are not listed as it would be such an exhaustive list to make so if any Commander wants to add weapons and equipment not listed here then they must have the BM ok them.  If a BM is not present roll a D20 at the beginning of the battle and if a score of 5 or less is rolled then they may have as many additional weapons or equipment allowed.  If the die roll is failed, then the items where not available to the hunter for use during this hunt.  NOTE:  When designing new weapons or equipment be sure to stay within the context of the creatures that use it and that it is an aid to hunting, nothing more.  No super weapons or equipment that takes away from a good hunt is allowed.  If there are any disputes between Commanders about the equipment added, have the BM decide or roll and the lowest score gets to decide.
Bio-Mask:  This device is unique in appearance to each Yautya and is fitted with a built in gas mask, respirator and translator that is capable of translating all 20th century used languages.  The device also has a voice/sound amplifier, recording system, communicator, Com-Sat uplink, targeting lasers and multiple visual spectrum sights fitted to it.  The helmet allows the user to see in any environment day or night with the bonus listed above.  It also allows the user to ignore all poisonous gases and breath indefinitely underwater.  This equipment also allows the Yautya to communicate with other Yautya as well as their mother ship and is able to scan the frequencies used by humans to eavesdrop on conversations and hone in on the user’s locations.  The helmet also allows for telescopic sight and if they use an action to zoom in they can take advantage of an additional –2 to the already –2 to their Sighting Check.  The Bio-Mask’s laser targeter also allows the creature to fire it’s shoulder-mounted weaponry at an additional –2.  The mask also ignores all smoke, fog, heavy rain and other such environmental effects when sighting.
Cloaking Device:  This device bends light thus in turn projecting a semi-transparent image of the Yautya giving them nearly total invisibility.  This effect looks similar to that of a mirage in a desert.  Although this device allows for near invisibility, it doesn’t achieve it totally and can be disseminated at very close ranges by the human eye.  A cloaked Yautya in a lit environment can be seen within 8” of a human with a successful Sighting Check as if they were Infantry-Concealed with a +3 modifier.  Humans using binoculars or other such optics can make a Sighting Check at 16” otherwise a cloaked Yautya will NEVER be seen and this is always the case if at night or other low light condition.  However, this device does not work against other Infrared optics or sighting by supernatural means.  The cloaking device is very susceptible to water and if it is submerged it will deactivate for the remainder of the battle.  When in rain, the device will deactivate in D10 turns if the rain doesn’t stop or if the alien doesn’t spend 2 actions in storing it in a protective manner.  Note that if this is done it will take the alien another 2 actions to re-equip it for normal use.
Medicomp:  The Medicomp is the Yautya’s version of a First Aid Kit although much more advanced and capable.  This piece of equipment is fitted with numerous instruments, chemicals, stimulants and other medical paraphernalia that allows the Yautya to see to any wounds they may receive during the hunt.  If the alien spends 2 actions in using the Medicomp on any wound sustained then they will not suffer the +5 penalty for being wounded for the remainder of the battle.
Plate Armor:  All Yautya wear plate armor of various degrees that protects them from harm.  This armor will provide the Yautya with an additional +1 to all wound results.
Mesh Jumpsuit:  The system of wires that rap around the creature is thought to be similar to human combat webbing were equipment, weapons, armor and other pieces of equipment are fitted onto the wearer that allows for optimal performance during a hunt.
Wrist Blade:  These deadly blades vary in size and number but are always attached to the hunter’s wrist.  These would be considered similar to that of a human sword and will provide an additional –2 when used in close combat.
Plasma Caster:  The Plasma Caster is a shoulder-fired weapon that discharges a burst of super hot plasma at its target.  The weapon is aimed via a laser targeter fitted to the Bio-Mask and also moves with the Yautya’s head movements.  The weapon has several settings that allow it to only fire a small burst enough to knock a human-sized target unconscious to a setting that is capable of penetrating the heavy shielding of interstellar spacecraft.  The five settings below indicates the degree of power the plasma burst from the Plasma Caster will fire.  The alien Commander must declare at what level they are using and at what target before any To Hit rolls are made.
Setting-1) This setting is usually intended to knock out a target or to kill small creatures such as a dog or cat.  This setting has the same characteristics of a Pistol except that it will only have a ROF of 1 with an unlimited range.  Any targets smaller then human-size will receive a –2 to the wound result.  Any wounds are considered to have incapacitated the target or killed it depending on what the Yautya player chooses to do.
Setting-2) This is the most common setting for the Plasma Caster when hunting on Earth.  It has the same characteristics of a LMG except that it has a ROF of 1 with an unlimited range.
Setting-3) This setting allows for limited armor penetration against thin armored vehicles or use against large creatures.  It has the same characteristics, as a LCMG except is has a ROF of 1, with unlimited range and has an AP of 10.
Setting-4)  This is yet a more powerful setting used to penetrate dedicated armored targets or use against very large creatures.  This setting has the same characteristics as a 88mm XL cannon.  It has a ROF of 1 and an AP of 40.  Because of the amount of energy used to generate this discharge, it will take the Plasma Caster D4 actions to recharge until it can fire at any level again.
Setting-5) This is the most powerful setting a shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster can discharge.  To fire at this setting, the Yautya must first brace themselves by using an action and then another to fire it.  Failure to brace will cause the weapon to power down until the Yautya does so.  This bracing has to do with activating several devices that compensates for the weapons discharge so as not to harm the shooter.  This discharge has the same characteristics of a 150mm XL cannon.  It has a ROF of 1 and an AP of 60.  Once fired, the Plasma Caster is out for D20+10 actions as it cools and recharges.  The weapon is only capable of firing at this setting twice per battle if it has not been fired at any other setting.  If the weapon has fired before then it will only be able to fire at Setting-5 once and then it will deactivate for the remainder of the battle.  This is done because too use this level of fire is considered dishonorable during a hunt because it is a huge advantage against almost any prey being hunted.  The only reason this setting would ever be used is if the Yautya’s ship is in danger or if instructed to do so by an Elder.  This level is normally used when engaging in open combat with another army and not during a hunt.  The Yautya will never fire this weapon at close range in favor of using a close combat weapon instead.  In addition, the Plasma Caster will never Jam but rather just misses it’s target.  If missed, the target point will be D4” away in a random direction from the intended target and will cause whatever damage it would have normally.  This weapon can be fired whilst submerged in water as well as in the vacuum of space.
Self-Destruct Device:  Every Yautya has a device that is used when they are in danger of being discovered.  This device has similar technology as the Plasma Caster but instead of directing the plasma into a tight burst, this device explodes the plasma into a devastating blast centered on the individual utilizing it.  The temperature of this detonation is well above 1,000,000 degrees and causes devastating damage and destruction to anyone or anything within its blast. The detonation will have a 5D20" radius and anything touched by the blast will be destroyed or killed. The only way to survive this blast is from some type of shelter designed for such attacks, by supernatural means or by some type of defense that would protect against such a blast.
Trophy Hunters:  The Yautya are avid trophy hunters and will always take a trophy of their hunt.  If a hunter kills an armed combatant and is not in any immediate danger of attack, they will drag the body off to any +5 terrain and spend 2 actions preparing their trophy.  Once finished, the trophy will be affixed to the creatures webbing and highly coveted.  The hunter will then act as normal for the remainder of the battle.  Note that this is compulsory only once per battle but if the hunter chooses to take more then one trophy they may choose to do so.  The collecting of trophies is a means for these aliens to move up within the hunting party’s hierarchy so it isn’t uncommon for them to take more then one if possible.
Blood Trail:  Yautya blood glows in a florescent green and can easily be located and followed.  If any creatures is looking for a blood trail during the day a ½ Skill Check is required to locate the blood, but at night it will automatically be seen within 10”.
Suicide:  The Yautya’s most convened ideal is that no alien society must every witness a dead Yautya if possible.  This means that if a Yautya is too injured to return to their ship or that they are on the drink of death, they must destroy all traces of themselves so they are not discovered and defiled by alien hands.  If a Yautya sustains a HW, after ignoring the their first Gory Death, the creature will spend his next action arming their Self-Destruct Device.  The device will then detonate in D6+2 actions after its arming.
Wargaming Piece:  Horrorclix makes some great pre-painted official minis and there are several other mini companies who make a not-Predator so do a little Goggle-Fu and see what you like.

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