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Battleground Weird WWII: German Valkyrie Corps

Notes:  These rules allow you to game with any of those leather-clad Nazi She Wolf minis that are rampant in the WWWII minis market.  Be sure to pick up the Battleground WWII core rule book so you can benefit from these brilliant rules for those lovely ladies in leather.  Now, these are my kinda bodyguards!
Origin:  After her husband’s death, Brynhildr created an elite bodyguard that would protect the most senior and important figures within the Nazi regime.  The bodyguard’s ranks are comprised of a dozen women chosen by Brynhildr herself for their intelligence, martial prowess, initiative, guile, physique and attractiveness.  The candidates are then trained by Brynhildr herself in the art of unarmed combat and then the candidates are extensively trained in all types of weapons, demolitions and in the operating and upkeep of most know vehicles within the various branches of the German military.  The women are then sent to the vile Lilith to be trained in using their feminine sexuality, initiative, guile and wits to manipulate others in any situation.  Once their training is complete, Brynhildr escorts all surviving candidates to a secret location known only to her where it is said they are infused with strange and powerful magics that make them near superhuman in speed, strength and toughness.  The women are then issued their orders and now spend the rest of their lives in making certain those individuals they have been tasked to protect, whoever they may be, are safe at all times.  To this day, not one Valkyrie has lost their ward in the line of duty and it is whispered throughout the Reich and by its enemies that these women are none other than the true Valkyrie of Norse mythology in the flesh.  With a reputation like that, all but the most brave or suicidal would take their chances against them to get to at their ward.

Below are the 12 Valkyries and who they are assigned to:
Brynhildr – Commander of Valkyrie Corps.  Unassigned.
Eir – Assigned to Adolph Hitler.
Gunnr – Assigned to Albert Speer. 
Herja – Assigned to Bernhard Rust. 
Hildr – Assigned to Joachim von Ribbentrop.
Hjalmþrimul -  Assigned to Adolph Hitler. 
Mist – Assigned to Hermann Göring.
Reginleif – Assigned to Heinrich Himmler. 
Skuld – Assigned to Joseph Goebbels.
Svipul – Unassigned.
Urðr – Unassigned. 
Verðandi – Otto Georg Thierack.

Actions:  All Valkyries have 3 actions per turn. 
Senses:  Due to the mystical enhancements from Brynhildr, all Valkyries gain a -2 modifier to any sensory-based tests.  All Valkyries can hear up to twice the normal distance. 
Strength:  Brynhildr’s enhancements have also given the Valkyries increased strength that allows them to lift/press a maximum of 800 lbs. at a ¼ Skill Check.  All Valkyries can throw anything at double the normal range. 
Toughness:  Valkyries are extremely resilient and will gain a +1 modifier to all damage results.  The women will also ignore their first Heavy Wound result and will never make Morale Checks due to damage.  All Valkyries are still subject to all normal human vulnerabilities, although their immunity to disease and damage is extraordinary high so any chemical agents inhaled or swallowed will be at a +3 to the result. 
Movement:  Valkyries can move 7”, crawl 4”, and leap up to 5” per action and may also move from a prone position to a standing position for free.  Valkyries can also swim at double the normal rate and are capable of holding their breath for D10+5 actions. 
Training:  These women are experts in all known military weapons and equipment within the combined Axis nation’s arsenals and will ignore all Unqualified, Captured Use and Crew Served rules unless the technology is more advanced for the time or is alien or supernatural in nature.  Valkyries are expert operators of all known aircraft, boats and vehicles of the day. 
Leadership:  Valkyrie bodyguards are considered 18-3 Heroes ignoring all Gut Checks, Man Alone, Enemy Vehicle, Breaking Points and will ignore all Suppression results unless they are within a blast.  Valkyries will never Break or become a hero or coward.  Valkyries have a Command Range of 18” to all friendly units and 20” to their specific ward.  In addition, the Valkyrie’s ward may use her Leadership Modifier on any Morale based tests if within 5”.  Because of their mission to protect their wards, Valkyries will never surrender or allow their wards to surrender due to game mechanics as long as they are alive and conscious. 
Weapons & Equipment:  Valkyries may choose any weapons or equipment within the combined Axis nation’s arsenals as they wish.  The Valkyrie’s basic issue suit is made of a classified material that protects against flame, shrapnel and ballistic impacts and will give the Valkyrie a +1 to all results of these types of damage.  The suit’s wearer will always be considered within the “Yellow Zone” of a flamethrower template. 
Death-Glow:  The Valkyries have been infused with some strange mystical power that allows them to see a glowing blue haze around their wards if they are in any immediate danger.  This means that she will immediately detect any enemy units moving within her Command Range.  The only exception to this is if the enemy is obscured by some sort of mystical means in which they are not detected by the Valkyrie unless she passes the appropriate test to do so.  The Death-Glow is only seen on the Valkyrie’s ward and no one else even if they are in danger. 
Defensive Movement:  Because of their augmented skills and mission, Valkyries and their wards may take two actions at any time if their Death-Glow skill warns them that their ward is in danger.  This special movement is in addition to the normal turn so if the Valkyrie’s card has not come up then they will get their normal actions even if they have already moved due to this special rule.  Note that this rule is only used once per battle and may only be done in a defensive manner in which the Valkyrie attempts to remove their ward from the danger.
Ward’s Death:  If a Valkyrie’s ward is killed under her watch, they will spend all actions in the pursuit of killing the one who was responsible for their death no matter the danger to themselves.  In game terms this means that all actions, no matter how dangerous, must be used in killing their ward’s killer or killers for the remainder of the battle.

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