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Battleground Weird WWII: Toro

Notes:  This the the Golden Age teenage partner of the Human Torch, Toro.  He's a beast on the tabletop so be sure to pick up the core BGWWII rules set and get to gaming with this living flamethrower!
Origin:  Thomas Raymond's parents were scientists that had developed terminal illnesses from their professions in asbestos and radium research.  The two knew they had little time and quickly married then had a child 9 months later.  One night years later, the Raymond's home was invaded by a costumed villain known as Asbestos Lady which demanded Thomas' father to developed some advance asbestos suits for her and her gang to help their fights against the Human Torch.  Luckily, the Human Torch was tailing them at the time and was able to save the Raymond's from the ruthless criminals.  However, the Torch failed to capture Asbestos Lady and she made her escape in the confusion.  Fearing for his family's safety, Thomas' father booked them on a trip for his entire family that very night.  To avenge herself, Asbestos Lady attacked the train they were on causing it to derail in which it crashed and exploded.  Thomas' parents were killed in the fire but he miraculously survived.  After witnessing the explosion, a couple that worked at a nearby circus witnessed the young Thomas Raymond exiting the train inferno without a mark on him and instantly realized he had some sort of immunity to fire.  The couple took the youngster in and he became a member of their circus act.  Over time, Thomas became a huge hit making all the papers with his fire handling act.  It was at this time that Asbestos Lady read about the young teen's abilities and wanted to use him for her criminal activities.  Elsewhere, the Human Torch also read the papers and was curious to read that this teen seemed to have the same powers as he did and sought him out to talk with him about it.  By blind luck, the Human Torch arrived just before Asbestos Lady could kidnap the teen but not before she murdered his adopted parents.  After she made her escape, Torch talked long while the devastated boy and he discovered that he was the son of Raymonds who he had saved several months before.  The two became great friends and the Torch decided to take the orphaned teen in as his adopted son.  Toro excelled in controlling his powers and with the training given to him by his new mentor he soon accompanied him in his crime fighting.  When the war broke out Toro and the Human Torch were asked to join the Allies' super hero team, the All-Winners.  Toro is also a member of the Kid Commandos where, along with his best friend and teammate Bucky, fight stateside criminals and Nazi agents when not on other missions abroad with the All-Winners.
Thomas Raymond
Special Field Operative
United States of America
Military Affiliation:
U.S. Government, the All-Winners Squad & Kid Commandos
Base of Operations:
5' 4"
115 lbs
 Toro has two actions per turn as normal.
 Toro acts like anyone else when making any sensory-based tests.
Strength and Toughness:
Toro possesses the normal strength and toughness of a teenage boy of his age that is engaged in intensive physical activity and training.
 Toro can fly up to 19” otherwise he moves like normal per action.  Toro may swim as normal but cannot be in his flame form when doing so.
 Toro has had extensive training in all Allied weapons and explosives and will ignore the Non-Qualified or Captured Use rules unless it is more advanced for the time or is alien or supernatural in nature.
Leadership:  Toro is considered a 14-0 Veteran Hero.
Weapons & Equipment:
 Toro has been trained in all U.S. weapons and explosives but rarely arms himself with them unless it is specifically need for the mission at hand.  Note that he is unable to use any kind of kit when in his flame form.
Combustible Body:
 Toro's mutation allows him to transform any part of his body into a gaseous plasma flame at will.  He is capable of heating himself up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit but usually maintains his temperature around 780 degrees when in flame form.  This trait also allows him the ability to fly.  Toro cannot be forcibly smothered out unless he is completely submerged in water or if hit with some kind of anti-flame agents on a D20 score of 10+.  When alight, all projectiles will pass through his gaseous form without any damage to him, but if any part of him is solid then he will take damage as normal.  Toro can automatically set fire to anything that might be combustible within base-to-base contact with himself.  If any surface is somewhat flame resistant like steel or concrete, then he can set it alight on a successful ¼ Skill Check.  This can also be done in close combat with vehicles or bunkers in which Toro melts a hole in the armor then projects a blast of flame into the hole.  Anyone within the enclosed space will be hit with an A column hit with a -5 to the result in addition to suffering from the normal penetration roll result.  Anyone within 2" of Toro when alight will suffer from an automatic hit that will be determined by rolling a D4.  A score of 1 will be an A, 2 a B, 3 a C and 4 a D column hit.  The only exception to this is if at the beginning of the turn Toro declares that he has lowered his temperature to a safe degree so others may stand near him without being harmed.  Use the appropriate marker to indicate if Toro is approachable or not.
 Toro's mutation allows him to control fire via telekinetic means, which allows him to create jets of flames and fireballs to use as offensive weapons.  This characteristic allows him to produce a type of flamethrower using both Man-Portable and Vehicle-Mounted Flamethrower templates by expending an action in focusing his flame burst in the direction desired.  All normal flamethrower results apply.  Toro is also able to throw balls of flames like someone would throw a snowball; this is done by using an action to mold several then throwing them at his target.  Toro may make up to D4 fireballs per action.  These fireballs may be thrown within rifle range with a B column hit on a successful Skill Check.  He may also use his flame attacks as a penetrating attack against armored targets.  All fireballs will have an AP of 2 and the flamethrower will be an AP of 30.  In addition to the normal damage, these flame attacks will catch things on fire as stated within the flamethrower rules.  Due to the sheer heat and lack of solid form, Toro cannot lose in close combat unless he is in solid form or is attacked with anti-flame agents or weapons that smother his flame in which he will fight like normal.  Remember, anyone within 2" of the Torch when alight will be auto hit so any close combat attackers must be fitted with heat resistant clothing or shielding to even engage him in close combat.  His pyrokinesis also allows him to control any other fires that may be alight within 25" with a successful Skill Check.  If passed, he can use an action to manipulate the flames in any way he sees fit but cannot intensify the fire unless he uses flames from himself or other sources to do so.
Night Spotting:
 Toro's glow is mostly within the Infrared spectrum and gives off about the same amount of light as a large covered flashlight would.  Treat Toro as a covered flashlight when trying to spot at night.  Because most of his glow is within the Infrared spectrum, anyone equipped with Infrared spotting equipment will automatically spot him if within range of their equipment.
Wargaming Piece: 
Heroclix makes a Toro mini that works just fine but you could also use any humanoid fire elemental from various fantasy ranges too.  Swing by the eBay and see what you can pick up on the cheap.

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