Sunday, July 3, 2011

"An OD Speedbump"

We played a game a while back where a platoon of panzergrenadiers were to neutralize an US strong point.  The strong point consisted of a trench work just clear of a heavy wood on top a hill.  Above is the pre-game battle.  The game started with the forward 251 being ambushed and immobilized and the ambushers heading withdrawing back to the trenches.

The Americans consist of a understrength paratrooper platoon with 2 NCOs fitted with the Gorilla armored mechanical suit, x2 .30cal MMGs, x2 BARs and a bazooka team.  The paras are also supported by none other then Captain America and Bucky.  Their mission is to hold their positions at all costs.  Their are two log bunkers were the .30cals are positioned as well as a small bivouac area.  The unit is also equipped with a radio with the possibility of division level artillery support but the Germans are hitting all along the front so the Availability is 5 with the possibility of 3 tubes of 155mm HE or smoke.

The German force consists of a fully manned and mechanized pioneer platoon with a Jagdpanzer V supporting the assault.  3 of the 251s are pioneer vehicles with the fourth being a Stummel armed with a 75mm howitzer.  The commanding officer is the vile Red Skull and his orders are to eliminate the American position at all costs.

The battle begins with Cap and the bazooka team retreating from their ambush where they disabled the forward most vehicle of the German armored column.  Cap lays down a smoke screen to facilitate their escape.

The Americans disable the forward 251, killing the driver and wounding the asst. driver.  The rest of the pioneers dismount and lay down some blind fire through the smoked woods ahead of them.  Another 251 moves up to pass the burning transport as the Jagdpanther moves forward.

The second 251 dismounts its troops and the Germans move cautiously forward through the thick woods.

As Cap and the bazooka team reaches the trench line, Bucky arrives with some much needed weaponry in the form of a .50cal LCMG along with some extra bazooka rounds and variety of rifle grenades.

Bucky joins the defensive line as the paras in the bunker set up the .50cal.

Cap steadies his men with confidence as the sounds of enemy heavy armor approaches.

The American line ready and waiting for their enemy to crest the treeline.

The German point reaches the treeline and the razor wire barrier.  Under cover they observer the Americans across the open field ahead and then reports back to the heer Skull.

The Red Skull meets with his NCOs and the plane is laid on the assault of the Americans ahead.

The Jagdpanther slowly pushes its way forward with its 88mm at the ready with the other 251s moving forward on its flanks.

The Jagdpanther fires a smoke shell and several infantry throw smoke grenades to user in the assualt across the open field.

The pioneers begin to carefully breech the booby trapped razor wire.

One of the 251s begins to push the disabled 251 forward in hopes of using it as a haphazard dozer blade to detonate any possible mines up ahead and using it as a shield against whatever is waiting past he treeline.

A gust of winds open up a open line to some pioneers breaching a fence and the .50cal team opens up.  The fire kills a couple Germans and the shock breaks the rest of the pioneers.

The gust continues to blow the smoke screen so the Jagdpanther fires another smoke shell to give the pioneers more cover as they continue to breech the razorwire.

A LMG section sets up to give support to another pioneer squad breaching the razorwire.

The LMG gets a open view of the .50cal bunker and opens up on it.

The MG42's fire is very accurate and the .50cals gunner and loader are wounded.

Bucky heads over and tanks over the .50cal while the RO and CO help out the wounded paras.

The 251 keeps pushing the wrecked 251 forward in hopes of clearing a path for the Jagdpanther in case their is a mine field present.  The Stummel moves forward and ready its cannon for use.  The rest of the pioneers reach the razorwire and begin to breech it.

Suddenly, the wrecked 251detonates an AT mine and goes up in flames.  The anticipated minefield is there and the Germans must figure out how to proceed without loosing anymore armor

The pioneers miss a tripwire an a booby trap is set off, killing the pioneer trying to breech the wire along with one of the Stummel's gun crew.

Two pioneers are sent forward of the Jagdpanther to look for possible AT mines in the tanks path.

Then suddenly the two pioneers are engulfed in flames and then blown to pieces when they set off a AT mine.  That's one way to clear the way!

The pioneers begin their assault with a LMG giving covering fire.

Cap helps the bazooka team steady on their target and lets loose a rocket at a 251 emerging from the woods.

The rocket easily penetrates the half-track and it explodes, killing the driver and MG gunner.  The Jagdpanther makes it move and clears the woods with an open view of the American position before it.

On the right flank the pioneers are massacred by heavy small arms and machine gun fire from the American trenches.  The wall of lead and falling comrades is to much for the rest of the squad and the survivors pull back.

Cap bolsters the bazooka team and it fires again, but the round bounces off the Jagdpanther's hull without penetrating.  Then the Jagdpanther's bow MG  returns fire and a luck shot takes down the Sentinel of Liberty with a heavy wound.  The bazooka team freaks out and hits the deck at seeing America's favorite son fall to the enemy.

The Jagdpanther lets loose with its 88mm and hits dead center of the trench line. 

Miraculously, the Gorilla NCO is only light wounded but a BAR team is not so lucky and are KIA.

The Stummel aims at the flank wood bunker with the .30cal MG in it and loads up a dud.  The elite crew deals with the dud and get up another round just in time to smoke the bunker as the pioneers breach the wire.

With the .30cal and BAR blind, the pioneers make a mad dash across the open field to the American trenches.

On the right flank, the MG42 and Bucky on the .50cal have a gun duel and the Germans loose out with the gunner and loader being wounded.

The Jagdpanther see the duel and fire a HE and hits just short of the wooden bunker with Bucky inside.  Unfortunately. the RO is caught in the explosion and him and the radio are wiped out.

The right flank survivors rally and again push to the Americans line with a LMG giving supporting fire.  The medic also moves up and helps with the wounded.

This time a 88mm finds its mark and hit the wood bunker square on, killing everyone inside including Bucky, the CO and several wounded paras.

With heavy support fire from the squad's LMG and the Jagdpanther's MG, the remaining pioneers on the right flank move up.  One of the men throw a smoke grenade to help with the cover.  Another BAR team is taken out by concentrated MG fire.

The pioneers on the left flank reach the Americans trenches and begin to sweep it clear with grenades.

The wounded Gorilla NCO opens up with his machine gun and kills a couple pioneers moving through the trench.  The remaining Germans throw a smoke to obscure their position.

The Hummel moves forward to give support to the Germans in the trench as the Red Skull and the rest of the pioneers on the left flank use the smoke from a burning 251 as cover.

The Gorilla Sgt. takes aim with his auxiliary grenade launcher and fires at the Hummel.  The HEAT grenade partially penetrates and kills the gunner, loader and wounds the commander who bails out of the wounded vehicle.

While he was engaging the Hummel, the pioneers in the trenches fire a panzerfaust at the Gorilla Sarge and he dies in a glorious fireball.  On the right flank, the Jagdpanther finishes up the other Gorilla NCO with devastating 88mm fire.

 With the American's neutralized, the surviving pioneers move forward unopposed but very bloodied.

So there ya go, the Americans never did get any arty and the neutralizing of Cap so early in the game prevented him from kicking some serious ass.  A great hard fough win for the Germans and a great game altogether.


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