Thursday, December 15, 2011

Farwell To An Old Freind

About five years ago I set out to start my own miniatures company and what emerged from the mud and blood was What The?! Miniatures.  Over the years I had a blast running and slowly growing it but like with everything, nothing lasts forever.  As you may or may not know, my son was recently diagnosed with a very rare and debilitating genetic disease called Fredric's Ataxia.  Because of the cost to make my son as comfortable as possible, I chose to let my biz go to a great gamer and friend who I knew would treat her like his own and see it grow under his ownership for the years to come.  I am writing this blog entry as a thank you to all those who helped in making What The?! Miniatures what it is.  Thank you to all the great sculptors, casters, molders, painters, moderators,  programmers, fans and most of all the customers for a great ride in the wargaming world.  I made many a friend and even a few enemies and enjoyed every minute of it.  I wish Mark the best and hope that What The?! Miniatures is as a positive experience for him as it was for me.  For all you WWWII gamers, be sure to check often because I know Mark has allot planed for his biz and he will not disappoint ya.  I now return to the rank of gamer only.

Again, thanks for the great ride,

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