Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Team Zero"

Well, this comic doesn’t have Nazi She-wolves, zombies or Tesla Cannon armed E-100s but it is still weird all the same.  What we got here is a American commando team who is sent in to captured some important Nazi egg-heads so they can be whisked away to America for use in Uncle Sam’s war effort.  What the commandos don’t know is that the Russians have the same idea and when the Eagle and the Bear meet it means the snow will turn red with Allied and Axis blood alike!  This DC Comics series jump starts the Cold War in full swing before the Third Reich is even completely crushed and thrusts American and Russian troops into conflict for the spoils of war.  Dixon writes a great story of hard men doing the hard job and really brings forth the feelings of many American and Russian generals to just keep fighting to see who will really control Europe after the Reich’s demise.  Mahnke’s art is great and really brings the story to life in all its dark and bloody mess.  So if you are looking for a comic that is part “Dirty Dozen” and part “Ice Station: Zebra” then this is the comic for you.  Read it here!

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