Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Adventures in the Rifle Brigade" & "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock"

"Writer Garth Ennis brought his dark sense of humor to World War II as he teamed up with Carlos Ezquerra on Adventures of the Rifle Brigade.  The story followed one of the toughest and strangest squadrons of the British army on their adventures behind enemy lines.  Led by Captain Darcy, a stiff upper-lipped officer of the realm, the group was a dangerous collection of psychos and oddballs consisting of Second Lieutenant Cecil Milk, a weedy old Etonian; Sergeant Crumb, the largest soldier in the British army; Corporal Geezer, a psycho who had killed 413 before joining the army; Hank the Yank, a cigar - stomping caricature of old World War II heroes; and finally the Piper, a Scottish Bagpiper whose music was so bad it made peoples ears bleed.  The Rifle Brigade was caught by the Gestapo but escaped and blew up a V2 research facility before making it back to Blighty.  Full of over-the-top humor, Adventures of the Rifle Brigade proved to be one of the funnier takes on World War II and Ennis went on to complete a second series."  Read them both here and here.

Epic weird war stuff!!!

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