Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Operation Hades"

"When invading Axis forces descended into the sewers of Stalingrad to move about the city unimpeded, the Soviets sent their own troops underground to stop them.  The bitter fighting that took place there marked the beginning of the Ratten Krieg, or “Rats' War.”  The confined spaces and narrow sewer tunnels became a hellish battlefield, unlike any before seen in the history of warfare.  The claustrophobic environment was perfect for traps and ambushes, and every squad knew that death could be waiting for them around the next corner.  The Rats’ War may have come to life in Stalingrad, but it plays an even larger and deadlier role beneath the city of Zverograd."  This is the new Dust Tactics campaign with a new Sovier bad-ass hero along with rules for underground sewer fighting.  

Time to get down and dirty with you Dust gamin'!!!

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