Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Wunschkonzert" aka "Request Concert"

"At the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, Inge Wagner falls in love with Luftwaffe Lieutenant Herbert Koch.  They want to marry, but he receives orders to go to Spain - incognito, without permission for any contacts to his friends and relatives.  Inge is still waiting for him.  After the beginning of WWII, German radio starts broadcasting the "Wunschkonzert für die Wehrmacht" - a program made of wishes from the soldiers.  He hears the song, he wanted to hear, and so does Inge.  A friend of Inge, who hopes she is willing to marry him, comes to the same squadron where Koch flies.  Koch and Inge arrange a date at a Hamburg restaurant, but he and Ilse's friend are shot down the day before.  In the hospital Koch finds out, that he and his friend love the same girl.  He thinks they are already engaged and is willing to give her up."  Now this is more of the same for romantic dramas of the day so give it a go below.  I couldn't find one in English so I hope your German is up to speck.  I guess this was also one of the highest grossing film in Nazi Germany so that's something, I guess.
More of the same,

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