Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Seven Against the Sea", "McHale's Navy" & "McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force"

"These are the adventures of the misfit crew of PT-73 during World War II.  They're one of the best fighting crews in the Navy, but break regulations when it suits them.  Their commander, Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine), is at times as roguish as his crew, but he puts his foot down when things go too far.  They are assigned Executive Officer Ensign Charles Parker (Tim Conway), who is by-the-book, but too much of a klutz to command too much respect.  They have a house-boy Fuji Kobiaji (Yoshio Yoda), who deserted the Japanese Navy, who wears a P.O.W. outfit, just in case he's caught, so he won't be shot at.  Their nemesis is Captain Wallace B. Binghamton (Joe Flynn) and his aide Lieutenant Elroy Carpenter (Bob Hastings)."  This was a comedy that was par for the course for the day and worth a viewing to see Borgnine and Conway play off each other.  Give the show a go here and see the misadventures of McHale and his men.
Above is the pilot movie of McHale's Navy, "Seven Against the Sea".
There were two movies as well, "McHale's Navy" and "McHale Joins the Air Force" but I can't find a trailer so if you find it or the movie in total, let us know where.

Combat & McHale's Navy commercial

McHale's Navy: The Crew Reunion

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