Friday, May 6, 2011

Enemy Elite Friday: Lothar Zahn (Germany)

"Starting on the 30.08.1943 the enemy commenced a series of strong, non-stop attacks in order to force a breakthrough towards Jarzewo.  However so far all such heavy attacks have shattered in the face of the heroic courage of Major Zahn and his incomparable Bataillon.  This brave Bataillon had been reduced to almost company-strength by heavy losses when the enemy once again started a new breakthrough attempt on the 02.09.1943 following a half-hour drumfire.  Through ruthlessly employing his overwhelming forces they succeeded in achieving a deep penetration, occupying the village of Krapiwka and the high ground that was of crucial importance for the Division.  Contact between Bataillon and Regiment was broken, and reserves were not available anymore.  Clearly recognizing that the loss of the high ground around Krapiwka would throw the integrity of the entire Division’s front into doubt, Major Zahn made the bold decision to assemble his last men and launch a decisive counterthrust.  Under the bold leadership of Zahn the enemy was assaulted in the flank with machine-pistols and hand grenades and scattered in close combat.  The village of Krapiwka and the important high ground was retaken.  Although wounded himself Zahn remained with his Bataillon.  The fury with which the counter thrust was launched, and the strong losses on the enemy inflicted in the process, obviously made a strong impression on the foe.  Up to the present day the enemy has given up trying to force a breakthrough at this same position. The commanding high ground remained in our hands, and thanks to Zahn’s actions the Division was able to hold its commanded position despite sustaining heavy casualties."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on October 2, 1943 as Major of the III Grenadier-Regiment 30.
Now I couldn't find any info on his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves so if you know more let me know and I will update this.
A bold enemy elite,

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