Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Fightin' Navy"

"Fightin' Navy was a bimonthly war comic published by Charlton Comics from 1956–1966, and then again from 1983–1984 (though it was then a reprint title).  Telling fictional stories of the United States Navy.  Regular contributors to included penciler Bill Molno and inker Vince Alascia, both of whom worked on the book during nearly all of its run. Other notable contributors included the Charlton regulars Ken Battefield, Sam Glanzman, Joe Gill, Dick Giordano, Rocke Mastroserio, Charles Nicholas, and Tony Tallarico. Editor Pat Masulli helmed the book for most of its run."  Read some of these classic war books here and see what those USN squids are up to!

Great stuff!

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