Monday, January 17, 2011

Medal of Honor Monday: Anthony L. Krotiak

"He was an acting squad leader, directing his men in consolidating a newly won position on Hill B when the enemy concentrated small arms fire and grenades upon him and 4 others, driving them to cover in an abandoned Japanese trench.  A grenade thrown from above landed in the center of the group.  Instantly pushing his comrades aside and jamming the grenade into the earth with his rifle butt, he threw himself over it, making a shield of his body to protect the other men.  The grenade exploded under him, and he died a few minutes later.  By his extraordinary heroism in deliberately giving his life to save those of his comrades, Pfc. Krotiak set an inspiring example of utter devotion and self-sacrifice which reflects the highest traditions of the military service." 

From PFC Krotiak's Medal of Honor citation, awarded on February 13, 1946. 
May you be at peace,

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