Monday, December 20, 2010

"Operation: Cyclone"

"A rich mine of VK has been discovered in the subzero wastes of Antarctica, and its direct access to the sea makes it a dangerous new focal point of the war.  As the Axis forces fortify their defenses on the icy shores, the Allies plan a swift and daring amphibious assault in the hopes of claiming the enemy position.  Who will gain control of this bountiful energy source and the waterways necessary to transport it?  And what will this mean for the outcome of the war?  It will take monumental courage to defend your prize, or heavy casualties to take it!  Prepare for fierce amphibious landings on the frozen tundra of Antarctica... this is Operation Cyclone."  This is a new campaign box for the Dust Tactics wargame so be sure to go out and get it to expand your Weird WWII gaming!
Great stuff!!!

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