Monday, December 27, 2010

Medal of Honor Monday: Gerry H. Kisters

"On 31 July 1943, near Gagliano, Sicily, a detachment of 1 officer and 9 enlisted men, including Sgt. Kisters, advancing ahead of the leading elements of U.S. troops to fill a large crater in the only available vehicle route through Gagliano, was taken under fire by 2 enemy machine guns.  Sgt. Kisters and the officer, unaided and in the face of intense small arms fire, advanced on the nearest machine gun emplacement and succeeded in capturing the gun and its crew of 4.  Although the greater part of the remaining small arms fire was now directed on the captured machine gun position, Sgt. Kisters voluntarily advanced alone toward the second gun emplacement.  While creeping forward, he was struck 5 times by enemy bullets, receiving wounds in both legs and his right arm.  Despite the wounds, he continued to advance on the enemy, and captured the second machine gun after killing 3 of its crew and forcing the fourth member to flee.  The courage of this soldier and his unhesitating willingness to sacrifice his life, if necessary, served as an inspiration to the command." 

From Sgt. Kisters' Medal of Honor citation, awarded on February 18, 1944.
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