Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: Harry Nicholls (United Kingdom)

"On the 21st May 1940, Lance Corporal Nicholls was commanding a section in the right-forward platoon of his company when the company was ordered to counter-attack.  At the very start of the advance he was wounded in the arm by shrapnel, but continued to lead his section forward; as the company came over a small ridge, the enemy opened heavy machine-gun fire at close range.  Lance Corporal Nicholls, realizing the danger to the company, immediately seized a Bren gun and dashed forward towards the machine-guns, firing from the hip.  He succeeded in silencing first one machine-gun and then two other machine-guns, in spite of being again severely wounded.  Lance-Corporal Nicholls then went on up to a higher piece of ground and engaged the German infantry massed behind, causing many casualties, and continuing to fire until he had no more ammunition left.  He was wounded at least four times in all, but absolutely refused to give in.  There is no doubt that his gallant action was instrumental in enabling his company to reach its objective, and in causing the enemy to fall back across the River Scheldt.  Lance-corporal Nicholls has since been reported to have been killed in action." 

From LCpl. Nicholls' Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 31st July, 1940.
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