Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"X-Men Noir" & "X-Men Noir: Mark of Caine"

"The coroner's men flipped the redheaded corpse over so Dukes and Magnus from Homicide could get a better look at her.  'Better' being a relative term in this case, with the claw marks that slashed her face into a featureless, bloody mask and turned her guts into a butcher shop explosion.  But the tattoo -- the simple, encircled 'X' above the left shoulder blade -- remained intact, and Dukes pointed it out with the toe of his wingtip once Peter the rookie was done heaving up lunch.  See this ink?' he said.  'Means she did time at this reform school upstate, run by this shrink, Xavier..."  This book tells the tale of a alternative 1930s world where the X-Men find themselves criminals on the run and being tracked down by Detective Magnus and Dukes.  
It's Marvel noir and its fun!

"In the dark and steamy jungles of Madripoor, the flashing claws of Logan, the blazing bullets of Cyclops, and the dashing fists of the Angel met with wave after wave of berserk headhunters, all willing to protect the secrets of the Temple-Tomb of Cyttorak with their lives!  The ancient treasure map of mercenary Cain Marko, with its siren-song of the priceless gigantic ruby of the fabled god-king, had lured them only into the icy claws of Death!"  This is another pulp adventure of the alternative 1930s Marvel universe.

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