Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"A Bag of Marbles" aka "Un sac de billes"

"In 1941 in occupied Paris, brothers Maurice and Joseph play a last game of marbles before running home to their fathers barbershop.  This is the day that will change their lives forever.  With the German occupation threatening their family's safety, the boys parents decide Maurice and Joseph must disguise themselves and flee to their older brothers in the free zone.  The boys travel by train, by ferry, and on foot, facing threats from strangers and receiving help from unexpected quarters.   Along the way they must adapt to the unfamiliar world beyond their city - and find a way to be true to themselves even as they conceal their identities."  This is an incredible story of what it was like living in France as a Jew in WWII.  A must for any fan or student of the time.

A powerful tale,

1975 film

2017 film

2017 trailer

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