Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Luciano Serra, Pilot" aka "Luciano Serra pilota"

"Successful WWI pilot Luciano Serra has problems adjusting to an ordinary life in peace, so he leaves his family and becomes a pilot in America.  In the 30s, his son in Italy wants also to become a pilot, and Luciano accepts an offer of a double dealing agent for a flight from Rio to Rome, but his plane crashes in the Atlantic.  For the world Luciano Serra is missing, but he has entered the Italian army under a new name to fight in Ethiopia.  The train in which his unit travels is attacked by Ethiopian soldiers, his son flying a reconnaissance mission is shot down and wounded by the same attacking enemies.  Will Luciano be able to fly the plane back, to get close air support for the outnumbered Italian troops ?"  Watch it below.
Another patriotic war film for ya,

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