Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Chocolate and Soldiers" aka "Chokorēto to Heitai"

"A hard-working father is called up and sent to the front.  He keeps in touch with his family by writing letters home.  These include chocolate wrappers collected from his comrades; his son is collecting the wrappers to redeem for a free box of chocolate.  The man volunteers for one brave act, joining a suicide squad.  Before he goes, he drinks a toast from a cup given him by his son, and smiles to indicate his intention to die with his comrades.  The son receives the news of his father's death at the same time as the free chocolates arrive.  He swears vengeance; the chocolate company gives him a scholarship."  Now I couldn't find any video of this whatsoever so this entry is solely off Wikipedia and other sources.  If you know where to watch it, let me know.

I suspect more of the same of the patriotic war flick of the day,

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