Thursday, August 26, 2010

"The Great Appeal " aka "Il Grande appello"

"Giovanni Bertani is a rootless Italian emigrant who is currently running a hotel in French Djibouti. Although his son Enrico is serving with the Italian forces in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War he sells arms to the Abyssinian forces fighting them.  Following a journey to Abyssinia Giovanni regains his sense of Italian identity, and is fatally wounded blowing up the shipment of arms to the Abyssinians."  This war-time flick is your your average jingoistic film of the day so its really nothing amazing other then the setting and the slant which is rare in cinema.  Couldn't find much to show if off other then the short battle scene below so take a gander and see what's what. 

One of the first war flicks right before the world was set alight!

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