Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: Parkash Singh (India)

"On 6 January 1943, the Bren Gun Carrier Platoon of 5/8th Punjab was attacked by a strong Japanese patrol near Donbaik on the Mayu Peninsula.  The Platoon Commander was wounded and was forced to retire, handing over the command to Havildar Parkash Singh.  Parkash Singh noticed two other carriers bogged down in a nullah, and under heavy Japanese fire.  He immediately rushed to the rescue of the stricken carriers; calling on their crews to abandon the vehicles and run for safety while he provided covering fire.  When his Bren gunner was wounded, he took control of the gun from him, and charged towards the enemy.  Driving with one hand and firing the Bren gun with the other, he drove them out of their fixed positions.  As he returned to pick the crews of the stranded carriers, he came under heavy enemy fire, but calmly rescued all eight men.  On 19 January, the battalion carriers again came under heavy anti-tank fire in the same area, and several of them were destroyed including that of the Platoon Commander.  The crews of the destroyed vehicles were given up for dead, and the rest of the carriers withdrew.  But Parkash Singh wanted to see for himself if there were any survivors among the burning wrecks.  Driving down the beach under intense enemy fire, he found the officer and his driver in their badly damaged carrier.  The men were too badly injured to be moved, so Parkash Singh decided to tow their vehicle to safety.  Despite the order of his Platoon Commander to go back and save himself, the fearless NCO rigged a makeshift tow chain and secured it to the damaged carrier, all the time exposed to enemy fire, and then towed it back to safety."
From Havildar Singh's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 11 May 1943.
May you be at peace,
Singh and his Carrier

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