Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: Nand Singh (Indian)

"In Burma on the night of the 11th/12th March, 1944, a Japanese platoon about 40 strong with Medium and Light Machine-Guns and a Grenade Discharger infiltrated into the Battalion position covering the main Maungdaw-Buthidaung road and occupied a dominating position where they dug foxholes and underground trenches on the precipitous sides of the hill.  Naik Nand Singh commanded the leading section of the platoon which was ordered to recapture the position at all costs.  He led his section up a very steep knife-edged ridge under heavy machine-gun and rifle fire.  Although wounded in the thigh he rushed ahead of his section and took the first enemy trench with the bayonet by himself.  He then crawled forward alone under heavy fire and though wounded again in the face and shoulder by a grenade which burst one yard in front of him, took the second trench at the point of the bayonet.  A short time later when all his section had been either killed or wounded, Naik Nand Singh dragged himself out of the trench and captured a third trench, killing all the occupants with his bayonet.
Due to the capture of these three trenches the remainder of the platoon were able to seize the top of the hill and deal with the enemy.  Naik Nand Singh personally killed seven of the enemy and owing to his determination, outstanding dash and magnificent courage, the important position was won back from the enemy."
From Naik Singh's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 2 June 1944.

A truly deadly ally for sure!

Memorial in the village of Bathinda, India.

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