Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion"

"DC's iconic soldier for the ages, SGT. ROCK, returns in this graphic novel written and illustrated by multi-Eisner nominee Billy Tucci.  From the bloody beaches of Normandy to the muddy forests of the Vosges Mountains, a cut-off Easy Company led by Sgt. Rock will be joined by Johnny Cloud and the Haunted Tank as they battle for their lives behind enemy lines against a force ten times their size.  Based on actual events, SGT. ROCK: THE LOST BATTALION is a story of heroism and humanity as one small band of men defy all odds to survive."  Although not Kubert or even Russ, Tucci does a great job in his own imaging of Rock and Easy and with a great war story to boot.  This is a must for any Sgt. Rock or DC war comics fan so give it a read here and see what you think.

Great stuff!

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