Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: Leslie T. Starcevich (Aulstralia)

"During the approach along a thickly wooded spur, the enemy was encountered at a position where movement off the single track leading into the enemy defences was difficult and hazardous. When the leading section came under fire from two enemy machine gun posts and suffered casualties, Private Starcevich, who was Bren gunner, moved forward and assaulted each post in turn.  He rushed each post, firing his Bren gun from the hip, killed five enemy and put the remaining occupants of the posts to flight. The advance progressed until the section came under fire from two more machine gun posts which halted the section temporarily. Private Starcevich again advanced fearlessly firing his Bren Gun from the hip and ignoring the hostile fire captured both posts singlehanded, disposing of seven enemy in this assault.  These daring efforts enabled the Company to increase the momentum of its attack and so relieve pressure on another Company which was attacking from another direction.  The outstanding gallantry of Private Starcevich in carrying out these attacks single-handed with complete disregard of his own personal safety resulted in the decisive success of the action." 

From Pvt. Starcevich's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 6 November 1945.
May you be at peace,
The Starcevich Monument for which he is honored.

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