Friday, May 28, 2010

Enemy Elite Friday: Otto M. Hitzfeld (Germany)

"Awarded for the leadership of his Regiment during the German breakthrough of the Perekop isthmus in 1941.  The unit was positioned as one of the key German formations in the assault, and over the course of heavy fighting on the 24.-25.09.1941 the Regiment succeeded in breaching the deep Soviet defensive network up to the Tartar ditch.  This bold thrust by Hitzfeld would trigger the collapse of other Soviet defenses in this area."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on October 30, 1941.

"Awarded in recognition of the outstanding performance of his Regiment throughout its defensive actions against massive Soviet assaults during the hard winter fighting in the Crimea (1941/42)."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves citation, awarded on January 17, 1942.

"Awarded for the following actions on the western front during early 1945…
1.) Creating a new front in the West Wall in the Schleiden/Stadtkyll area (10.02.-20.02.1945).
2.) His battlefield conduct during the fighting in the Westerwald/Gießen (Lahn) area (20.03.-01.04.1945).
3.) The formation of a new resistance centre in the Kassel area and the creation of a coherent front in the southern Harz area (early April 1945).

Awarded according the so called "Dönitz-Gesetz".  All requested documentation was dealt with and confirmed by the OKH/PA/P5."

A capable enemy elite, 

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