Friday, April 23, 2010

Enemy Elite Friday: Gerhard G. von Schwerin (Germany)

"For his actions during the fighting near Mga-Cory (on the approaches to Leningrad) in the time period 30.08.-05.09.1941.  Schwerin and his Kampfgruppe found themselves cut off and under attack from all sides for three days during this time.  Despite an order from the Korps to break out towards Mga, Schwerin decided to hold out with his troops until relief came.  Through his outstanding leadership he and his troops were able to do just this, and in doing so played a decisive role in ensuring the fall of Schlüsselburg three days later."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on January 17, 1943.

"Awarded for Schwerin's leadership of the 16 Infanterie Division (mot) during the retreat from the Caucasus in the winter of 1942-43.  He was able to successfully extricate his division until eventually taking up positions along the Mius front in March 1943.  His greatest accomplishment during this time was the destruction of the Soviet 4th Guards Mechanized Corps during the battle for the Fedorenko gorge."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves citation, awarded on May 17, 1943.

"Awarded for his leadership of the 16 Panzergrenadier Division during its retreat from the Mius position in the late summer of 1943, and later for its achievements in the fighting for the Zaporozhye bridgehead."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords citation, awarded on November 4, 1943.

An elite enemy for sure, 

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