Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: Victor B. Turner (United Kingdom)


"Lieutenant-Colonel Turner led a Battalion of the Rifle Brigade at night for 4,000 yards through difficult country to their objective, where 40 German prisoners were captured.  He then organized the captured position for all-round defense; in this position he and his Battalion were continuously attacked from 5.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., unsupported and so isolated that replenishment of ammunition was impossible owing to the concentration and accuracy of the enemy fire.  During this time the Battalion was attacked by not less than 90 German tanks which advanced in successive waves.  All of these were repulsed with a loss to the enemy of 35 tanks which were in flames, and not less than 20 more which had been immobilized.  Throughout the action Lieutenant-Colonel Turner never ceased to go to each part of the front as it was threatened.  Wherever the fire was heaviest, there he was to be found.  In one case, finding a solitary six-pounder gun in action (the others being casualties) and manned only by another officer and a Sergeant, he acted as loader and with these two destroyed 5 enemy tanks.  While doing this he was wounded in the head, but he refused all aid until the last tank was destroyed.  His personal gallantry and complete disregard of danger as he moved about encouraging his Battalion to resist to the last, resulted in the infliction of a severe defeat on the enemy tanks.  He set an example of leadership and bravery which inspired his whole Battalion and which will remain an inspiration to the Brigade."

From LtCol. Turner's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 20 November 1942.

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