Thursday, June 3, 2021

Konflikt '47 Battle Reports

The crew over at Rocket City Gamer has made a some great Weird WWII battle reports using the Konflikt '47 rule system so give them a go and see some cool weird war wargaming.
Germans vs. Soviets
Germans vs Soviets
Canadians vs Double Platoon Soviets
Germans vs. Soviet Airborne

Canadians vs. Soviets

Americans vs. Soviets

German vs. Soviets

Germans vs. Soviets

Americans vs. Soviets
Canadians vs. Japanese

Canadians vs. Soviets

Mech. Germans vs. Mech. Soviets
Battle for Solivgrad Game 3

Battle for Solivgrad Game 4

Campaign Conclusion

Great stuff,
Brian & Mel

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