Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Swabia Game in the Works

Well if you are in the Austin area on the first weekend of November, swing out to Millennium Con and game with us!  I'll be hosting a couple Weird WWII games where the 1st Marine Division is tasked with taking out the worlds last Nazi stronghold, New Swabia, Antarctica.

 Here we got the start of the game's infantry.  Artizan Designs excellent winter war Americans and Germans!  Perfect for our weird war scenario!

Here we got a German vortex gun bunker and its on Level 11, brothers!

Here we have a German rail gun bunker!

Here we have the huts for the small forward airbase that those stogie-chomping GI's are going to blow to shit!  These are from the excellent Dust range of terrain.

I'll keep you guys posted on what's next and I hope to see you guys in November because its going to be a blood-chilling battle to finally rid the world of the Nazis once and for all!


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