Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Terrain Tuesday: Trails

This week we hit the trail so read on and get the most outta your wargaming.
Trails:  A trail, track or byway is a path with a rough beaten surface used for travel.  Trails are different from roads in that they are usually only wide enough for those moving on them to do so in single file and are usually only made by means of beating down or cutting a path through the surrounding terrain.  In some isolated locations, trails are the only means moving from one place to another and can be used by everything from people to livestock to small vehicles or animal-driven carts or wagons.
Special Rules:  Trails will be considered open for sighing purposes and are considered rough ground for moving purposes.  Trails can have craters, mud, water or snow on them so refer to those rules when applicable.  Trails can also be susceptible to fire if the surrounding terrain is so apply where appropriate.
Making a Trial:  Trails can be made in an environment by figures using machetes or by vehicles smashing their way through it.  It will take a figure 2 actions to cut a path ½ their normal movement in length and the width of their base wide with a machete or other such piece of equipment.  Vehicles can make trails by crushing or flattening terrain as it moves through it.  It will take a vehicle its normal modified movement rate and Bog Check for whatever terrain it is moving though to make the path.  The length of the path will be the length the vehicle moved and the width will be the same as the vehicle's that made the path.
Modeling the Terrain:  Trails can be made by using long pieces of felt of by setting up the terrain to allow for a small clear path through it.  Another way it to lay a thin piece of colored yarn on top of the terrain to indicate its location on the battlefield.  If you got some clever ways to depict trails in your wargaming let us know about it.

Happy trails,

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