Friday, May 10, 2013

Battleground Weird WWII: M4 Scout Car -

Notes:  The US Army called for a light armored vehicle for training purposes and Marmon-Herrington's T13 model won with an order for 38 vehicles finished in 1938.  The M4 never made it into combat and was used mostly in State Guard units.  Be sure to pick up the Battleground WWII rules for the bet gaming you ever had.
Date Introduced:  Early '38
Users:  United States
Vehicle Chart:  We use the M20 Scout Car vehicle chart from the Fury on the Fatherland supplement to represent and just modify where needed.
Crew:  2 (commander & driver) and 4 passengers.
No Radio:  The M4 was not fitted with a radio and will suffer the No Radio penalty as such.
Open-Topped:  The M4 is an Open-Topped vehicle and will be bound by those rules as such.
Tarpaulin Cover:  All Open-Topped models are equipped with tarps as basic kit.
Snow Chains:  Snow chains were fitted to the tires of vehicles to help them better grip onto icy surfaces.  If a vehicle has snow chains then it will receive a -1 bonus to any Bog Checks made on icy or snowy roads.  Availability is a 10 or less. 
Poor Cross-Country Mobility:  Due to the poor performance of the M4 it will suffer a +1 to all Bog Checks in rough terrain.
State Guard Use:  The possibility of the outdated M4 to find its way into a State Guard unit is quite high thus the Availability for a single vehicle is a 10.
Game Piece:  I am not aware of any 1/48 or 1/50 scale toys or kits for this vehicle so if you find one let me know. 

           Wt   Sz   HF   TF   HS   TS   HR   TR   HT   TT   Sd   Ld   TR   Ty   Smk   HMG   CMG   AAMG   Gun   AP   APCR   HEAT   HE   HE Size
                4       M      0       0        0        0       0        0       0       0      15     ---     ---    AC     ---         ---          ---     LCMG-15  ---       ---        ---           ---        ---         --- 


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