Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Terrain Tuesday: Hammadi

This week we jump into the desert wastes of North Africa and its abundant hammadis.  Be sure to pick up the core Battleground WWII rule book for some fantastic wargamin'.

Hammadi:  Hammadis are areas of open desert littered with various small and medium-sized rocks.
Special Rules:  Pieces in hammadis are considered open for sighting purposes.  Fully wheeled-vehicles move at ¼ their normal movement and must roll a Bog Check each action of movement while in a hammadi.  Tracked-vehicles move at ½ their movement and must also make a Bog Check each action within the hammadi.  Any figures caught in a HE template while in a hammadi will suffer and additional -2 to the Effects Chart due to the rocks adding to the shrapnel effect of the blast.  All other desert rules are in effect for pieces within a hammadi.
Modeling the Terrain:  Hammadis can be represented by placing numerous pebbles over the battlefield or by just declaring open areas as such and marking them before the battle begins.  If you got a cool way to depict hammadis then let us know about it.

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