Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Terrain Tuesday: Roads

This is the first entry of a series of rules for various terrain features in our games of BGWWWII.  Most of these rules are mods off the rules from Easy Eight's so be sure to check out their excellent BGWWII rules.

ROADS:  A road is a thoroughfare, route, or way on land between places, which typically has been improved to allow better travel by some conveyance or by foot.  There are several different types of roads in BGWWWII that offer varying levels of ease of travel for those moving on them.
Special Rules:  Below are the three types of roads and how they affect those moving on them.
Paved Road:  Paved roads are roads made with a layer of durable surface material laid down to improved vehicular or foot traffic.  Examples of paved roads are roads made of concrete, asphalt, brick, etc.  Paved roads are usually several lanes wide and lined with a curb and sidewalk or concrete or earthen drainage ditches.  These are also more common in urban and developed areas.  If a vehicle begins and ends its movement on a paved road, it will gain a movement bonus.  Road bonuses will be noted on each vehicle’s special rules.  Infantry that begin and end their movement on a paved road will gain a +1” to their regular movement.  Infantry moving on roads are also very exposed and as such will be at a –1 cover modifier when on one.  Paved roads can have craters, ice, sand, water or snow on them so refer to those rules when applicable.
Unpaved Road:  Unpaved roads are roads that use natural materials to slightly improve the travel on top of it.  Examples of unpaved roads are roads made of gravel or other select subgrade materials.  These roads acts as noted above with the exception that vehicles will only gain a double movement bonus when moving on them.  These roads are similar as above with the exception of their width.  Most of these roads will have an earthen drainage ditch on either side and will usually consist of two lanes.  Unpaved roads can have craters, mud, water or snow on them so refer to those rules when applicable.
Poor Road:  Poor roads are roads that are not improved in any specific way but rater are formed by continuous use by where the ground has become flatten and grooved in contrast to the natural terrain around it producing in essence a natural thoroughfare.  Examples of a poor road are dirt and grass roads.  These roads act as any other with the exception that there will be no road bonus when moving on them.  These roads are mostly found in rural areas and undeveloped regions.  Poor roads can have craters, mud, water or snow on them so refer to those rules when applicable.
Modeling the Terrain:  Roads can be depicted by cutting felt or paper in varying lengths and width.  Alternatively, high quality pre-made resin, plastic and plaster roads can purchased by many different wargaming, model and train companies on the web.  Just do a little Google-Fu and see what you come up with. 

Keep on truckin!

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